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Ce mai asculta Domnul Bolog 37

Posted by Domnul Bolog on 16/04/2009

5 Responses to “Ce mai asculta Domnul Bolog 37”

  1. Ira said

    frumoasa melodie ❤

  2. […] place melodia asta. var pubId=13008; var siteId=19469; var kadId=14041; var kadwidth=234; var kadheight=60; […]

  3. cristean said

    “domnul” cristean?:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) de fapt, plm, nici nu tu esti doar “bolog”, hai, ok, pe blog la tine ne domnim:P

  4. Adelina said

    mai fain Ce asculta Domnul Bolog 34:D

  5. Inka said

    Iti doresc un Paste fericit si fie ca toate dorintele sa ti se indeplineasca! te pup.

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